For more pics and instructions, see our WH blog post!


How to Make the Whale from ABC See, Hear, Do 2

Make this clever whale craft, inspired by the ABC See, Hear, Do 2 book!


Whisking Letter Blends

Whisking Letter Blends is a fun and easy activity.  Find a bowl, add some letters, and give your child a whisk! As they swirl the letters, encourage them to find and say letter blends, like the letters /wh/.


Pasta Wheel Art

Check out these adorable pasta wheels! Not only are they tasty, but they also make a great way to be creative!  Encourage your little ones to think of all sorts of things that need wheels!

WH Snack Idea: Whale Treat

This delicious whale snack is a quick and healthy way to practice the /wh/ sound! Blueberries, yogurt, and cheerios are the main ingredients in this yummy treat!