ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words is a Mom's Choice Gold Medal Recipient!

ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words is a Mom's Choice Gold Medal Recipient!

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Kayli Bell, Mom of 7

"This book, ABC See, Hear, Do, is amazing! It is not like any other alphabet or first-reading book out there.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I found it to be groundbreaking, in such a great way!  You may, like I did, think it looks cute but unassuming at first.  Don’t be fooled—get your child on your lap and start going through it with them, and then you’ll see the magic happen!  Because the child sees a picture, says the sound, and makes the hand movement, it feels like a game to them. And for those same reasons, because they experience the letter in so many different ways with different senses, they retain what they learn extremely quickly and firmly.  I was astounded with just how crazy-fast my 3-year-old learned the sounds and hand motions for the letters.  Not only that, but as soon as we reached the end of the book, he asked to begin again.  It was really fun for him!  If you are looking for a book to help your young child learn his or her letters, run to get this book! If you just want a book that engages your child in a unique, fun way, get this book—learning to read will just be a happy bonus."


Alan Otto, Dad of two

"I wasn't sure how much my barely 2-year-old daughter would be able to learn from this book, but was pleasantly surprised at how much she loved learning the sounds and hand motions of the cute animals. She can't string the sounds together to form words yet, but she gets a huge smile across her face when she gets a sound right. I am excited to keep using the book as she gets older and hope she will be able to string sounds together soon!"


Courtney Morris, Mom of two

"After using ABC See, Hear, Do, my son can read his first words at two years old. It's one thing to know the letters and sounds, but it's another to put them together to make words. This method has helped my son form words as he acts out motions associated with each letter and sound. I'm definitely recommending ABC See, Hear, Do to my friends!"

Tracie Bradshaw, Mom of 5

"My 4-year-old loves this book and has very quickly picked up the letter sounds and reading the words.  This has totally opened his world to reading, and he is seeing words all around him now, trying to sound them out! My 2-year-old also loves the book and is learning the letter sounds.  Though he does not quite get putting the sounds together yet, I know it is just a matter of time, since he now knows most of the letter sounds. I can't wait for more volumes of this book to be published, to further help my children as they learn to read!"

Sarah Burt, Mom of 5

"This book is a perfect way for kids to learn their letters and sounds! I was amazed at how fast my 4-year-old was able to learn them and could read words! The pictures are really cute, too!"

Katie Hale, Mom of 5

"I love the ABC See, Hear, Do books. I have used them for several of my children. Each letter not only makes a sound, but has an action too. My boys have found this book to be more like a game. They barely realize that they are learning, too. They enjoy reading it again and again. I like that it is an engaging way to learn your letter sounds and begin blending sounds to form words that does not use a screen. Kids are in front of devices too much these days. The ABC See, Hear, Do books provide a great screen-free learning tool that will keep your children engaged to the very end."

Marci Bendheim, Mom of 3

"ABC See, Hear, Do is magic! My 6-year-old son shows signs of dyslexia and was having a hard time connecting the sounds of the letters with the visual of the letter. These books introduced the body into the mix, and within a couple days, he had it. The kinesthetic learning helped bring it together. It’s simple, quick, and easy! My 4-year-old son picked the book up and learned all the sounds by himself, self-guided. A huge boost of confidence for both of them. I cannot praise these books enough!"

Anonymous, Mom

"My family loves ABC See, Hear, Do! Within minutes of opening the first book, my 3-year-old was experiencing success making specific letter sounds. This excitement continued as we worked through the book together. We had fun and laughed together as we acted out and formed letter sounds. The information really sticks, and my daughter enjoys looking through the books independently or together. When we got the second book, she immediately started soaking up the information. She was able to build on the information from the first book, which she remembers well and looks at often. She looks at these books longer and more consistently than any of our other alphabet/learn-to-read books or apps. She now loves sounding out words in daily life, and she is having so much fun learning how to read. We are excited to continue learning with ABC See, Hear, Do!"

Jessica Trujillo, Mom

"This book is fun! My 3-year-old and I started working on it last week, and she loves it. She enjoys making the sounds and doing the motions—she thinks some are really funny and asks to read them again and again. She's really interested in the alphabet, and this book is a great, fun way for her to learn the letters and sounds."

Lynn Southwood.JPG

Lynn Southwood, Grandma

"I love these ABC  books!  After teaching elementary school for 35 years, this kinesthetic approach to reading is perfect for little ones.  It is such fun driving around with my 3 and 4-year-old grandchildren as they start sounding out and reading all the street signs we pass.  They love learning together and teaching each other the new letters.  It is fun and easy to teach, and then they teach each other."



Katie Turner, owner of Preschool Inspirations

“As a parent and an educator who has used dozens upon dozens of learning-to-read approaches, I was so thrilled to come across ABC See, Hear, Do. I know that children learn best by using their senses, and ABC See, Hear, Do does it so well by involving movement and animal sounds—something that children love to do already. This program is absolutely brilliant and what I will be using now in my own home and preschool classes. I wish it were around years ago!”


Dana V. Middlemiss, Preschool Teacher

ABC See, Hear, Do is a great introductory tool in teaching children to read, because it's FUN and SIMPLE.  Combining the actions, sounds, and visuals of the animals with the letters teaches children to use their different senses—sight, touch, and hearing.  When children are able to use multiple senses in learning new things, stronger learning, connection, and understanding take place.  As a previous teacher of 1st grade and Kindergarten and now presently a teacher of preschool (going on 8 years), I can honestly say that the method Stefanie uses in her book WORKS.  Using this book at home or in the classroom with children will help them early on to develop confidence in their abilities and a love for reading as well.”


Jennifer Quattrucci, Kindergarten Teacher Providence Public Schools

"ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words teaches letter sounds and early reading skills in the most amazing way! My inner-city students absolutely love this program and have all learned to read ! It’s a super fun and engaging series that uses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles to teach children to read at their own levels of expertise and through authentic, developmentally-appropriate practice. This program really works because they see the letter, hear the sound, and do a hand motion, which makes sounds easier to remember. After learning only four letter sounds, children will start to blend the sounds together to form words.  ABC See, Hear, Do 2: Blended Beginning Sounds is the second book in Hohl’s series. Once your child knows the individual letter sounds, it’s time to start learning letter combinations that blend together, and again, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods are used to help children learn the sounds effectively. In combination with the sounds learned from the first book, children can start to read four-letter words.  The ABC See, Hear, Do Coloring Book is a great supplement to the series, and I think the set of three books is absolutely perfect for educating and engaging any young child."



I saw this book on Instagram and knew immediately that I needed it. As a former elementary school teacher, I'm always looking for things that hit multiple learning styles.  We've been working on letters with my 3 year old for a while, and traditional methods haven't held his interest outside of the letters of his name, but he is ALL over the letters with actions.  The actions are so clever, and I love that the words pair letter and picture together to help connect the sounds more visually. 

We've worked on this about five times, and the sounds are memorable!  This won't teach them to read in 10 minutes, but it certainly lays a foundation for fun and engaging phonics - essential tools for teaching reading without pulling teeth.  Anything that makes learning hands on is a win in my book!

Wonderful Day in Pre-K.png

Jen, Wonderful Day in Pre-K

I have shared about these books before, and will probably share about them again, we LOVE them!! Stefanie, the creator of @abcseeheardo, has done a phenomenal job with these books, and the resources that go with them! They help teach kiddos how to read by combining all the different learning styles. They are fun, very affordable, and the graphics are so cute and colorful! We also love our flash card sets that go with them - we have the giant flash cards and the lowercase set. They are great visuals and easy to stick on a ring binder to carry around for extra practice during transitions, circle time, or bathroom breaks. Even if you don’t have her books, you have to check out her insta, she shares the cutest hands on crafts and activities!



Kris Wright, Speech Language Pathologist

"Children with speech-sound challenges are much more prone to reading difficulties when they enter school. As a speech-language pathologist who sees many kids for articulation errors, I recommend ABC See, Hear, Do as a supplement to therapy homework to give them a boost when it comes to phonics. The kids love the pictures and the hand motions! They not only get to learn about letters and reading, but they get to practice their target sounds as well!"


Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L, Occupational Therapist

"As a pediatric occupational therapist, child-led, play-based learning is my jam, and workbooks, flashcards, and pushing early academic concepts aren't usually part of my Mommy M.O. But following my 3-year-old's emerging natural interest in the secret code of letters and words, I...er...I mean Santa got him the first ABC See, Hear, Do book, and I was floored that in two weeks he was proudly sounding out words in his environment. He's a busy, sensory-seeking mover, so the kinesthetic approach to acting out letter sounds was a perfect fit for him. And making early literacy active, playful, and multi-sensory is a perfect fit for this OT mama. "


Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

ABC, See, Hear, Do is a great little book focused on helping children learn to spell while keeping them moving and active. I really like all the movement and the emphasis on sounds in this book. It covers a lot in a short amount of time! Seems like it could be a great tool for parents and teachers. It has a lot of potential and would appeal to parents wanting their children to learn to read. I love all the words that it sets out to help children learn. What a boost for a young reader! My personal favorites are the lion: pretend you are licking a lollipop, and the salamander: make your hands slither like a snake. The use of the letter “S” and the letter “L” and motions involved are clever.”


Kate Dopirak, author of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Car

"It's obvious the author used her experience as a teacher, storytime leader, and mom to create an exciting new reading program. Kids are sure to respond well to the combination of sound and action as they become confident, enthusiastic readers.”

Samantha Smith, author of Cate’s Magic Garden

“My kindergartner is learning how to read, and the process can be tedious. Happily, this book has reawakened the fun part! He loves making the hand motions, especially the "C" sound. Pairing the movement with the sound really helps solidify it for him. I'm definitely telling other moms about this unique and engaging approach. It is such a smart way to get your kids reading!”

Emily Lewis.png

Emily Lewis, Mrs. Mommy Booknerd

“I think this book is great. I plan to take it to the dyslexic reading center where my son goes for tutoring to get their thoughts on it. I think this book could help a lot of kids. I am not an expert when it comes to these types of books and the effectiveness in teaching reading, but I think it could really work with kids, like my son, who suffer with reading issues. The text is simple and combines so many different elements to help learn new words and sounds. I see some of these methods used at the tutoring center. I think that when trying to help kids who struggle to read, we should exhaust all methods to help them become successful readers. A must-have for all parents!”


Nanny.jane_, Children’s Book Reviewer

“Want to teach your child to read? Then ABC See, Hear, Do is a must. It is one of the most creative alphabet books I have come across in a long time. I am so excited to try it!  It is an interactive book that takes you through, step-by-step, how to teach your child to sound out 50 words! The illustrations are so cute! Concept so unique!!! From homeschool to public school, this book should be in every young classroom!”