Letter Y

For more pics and instructions, see our Letter Y blog post!


Learn what sound the letter Y makes!


Y-eating Monster

Make your own Y-eating monster! Decorate a tissue box with eyes, teeth, arms, and anything else you and your child see fit! Then begin “feeding” him and practicing the letter y sound!


Letter Y Yarn Letters

Yarn letters are a unique way to practice the letter Y. Roll a piece of parchment or wax paper onto a flat surface. Trace or free hand the letters you want to make, then cut up yarn into small pieces. Pour Elmer’s glue into a bowl and soak each piece of yarn in the glue before pressing it onto the wax paper letter shapes. Once all the letters are filled in, let them dry overnight. After drying, peel off the wax paper to reveal yarn letters that not only hold their shape, but make a custom educational craft!

How to Make the Yak from ABC See, Hear, Do

You might recognize this adorable yak from the cover of our first book, ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words. We love this craft and think your kids or students will, too!


Letter Y Yak

"Y" is for yak! Letter crafts are a fun way to reinforce letter sounds with your kids or students! Try this letter Y craft this week, and then tag us so we can see all of your wonderful Letter Y Yaks!

Letter Y Snack Idea: Yo-Yo's

This simple and fun yo-yo snack will definitely get your kids excited and ready to learn the letter Y sound. Who can resist cookies and licorice?