Letter W

For more pics and instructions, see our Letter W blog post!


Learn what sound the letter W makes!



Window Letters

Window letters are a fantastic way to practice letter sounds! All you have to do is squirt water on the window and watch the foam letters stick! A water bottle works great and is perfect for little hands. Your child can practice saying the letter sounds as they squirt the letters, or more advanced readers can combine letters to make simple words! Either way, it’s a cheap and easy activity your children or students will love!  


Watermelon Craft

Watermelons are such a yummy summer treat! Why not make this easy watermelon with your children or students? Slice a potato watermelon-style. Then add pink and green paint to a plate,  and watch as your child dips the potato wedge into the pink and stamps the plate! Add green for the rind, and after drying, use a marker (or black paint) to draw seeds! Then enjoy your child’s cute new painting!  

How to Make the Walrus from ABC See, Hear, Do

This walrus is so adorable and fun, your kids or students will love making it with you!


Letter W Watermelon

W is for Watermelon! This creative letter craft is a wonderful way to reinforce that letter W sound with your kids or students! Try it out and don’t forget to share your artwork with us!


Letter W Snack Idea: Whale Sandwich

W is for Whale! This whale snack is a clever way to help your little ones learn that letter W sound!