Letter V

For more pics and instructions, see our Letter V blog post!


Learn what sound the letter V makes!



ABC Vroom!

V is for vroom!  Create this fun activity by cutting cardstock into strips. Write letters on the ends of each strip (with the same letter on both ends of each strip). With a piece of tape at each end, tape the strips to the floor to make cool tunnels!  As your child “vrooms” their car through the tunnel, have them practice the sounds of the letters they pass!


Vegetable Painting

Trouble convincing your kids to eat their vegetables? Then paint with them instead! Start by grabbing a variety of veggies from your fridge or pantry. Then cut some up or leave them whole, depending on your preference. Arm your child with a piece of paper, paint, and the vegetables, and watch them stamp, dip, roll, and get creative as they make their own vegetable painting!

How to Make the Vulture from ABC See, Hear, Do

This vulture craft, inspired by ABC See, Hear, Do, is a fun way to reinforce the letter V sound with your kids or students! 


Letter V Valentine

This cute letter V valentine craft is a LOVE-ly way to reinforce the letter V sound with your kids or students. Plus, it can make a fun gift for a loved one!


Letter V Snack Idea: Volcano

Mold chocolate cereal treats and marshmallow creme (or melted marshmallows) into a volcano. Then let it erupt with pull-n-peel candy “lava” down the sides.