Letter T

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Learn what sound the letter T makes!

How to Make the Turtle from ABC See, Hear, Do

T is for turtle! Check out this fun turtle craft to help your kids and students learn the letter T!

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Paper Train Craft

T is for trains! For a fun and easy craft, cut out a bunch of rectangles in a variety of colors. Cut circles for the train wheels, and then watch your child build their own train! Ours turned into an extra long mega-train, which was perfect, since multiple kids helped to build and design it. Be as creative as you and your child want!

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ABC Trains

If you have a set of trains (or matchbox cars) at home, turn them into ABC trains! You can make a train station for kids to match uppercase letters to lowercase letters. Or your child can create multiple-letter trains to make words like “tap” or “tab.” There are so many ways to connect everyday toys and play into fun learning opportunities!

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Letter T Train

T is for TRAINS! Your kids or students will love making this fun train craft. We love learning letters and letter sounds in creative ways!


Letter T Snack Idea: Grape Tree

Check out this healthy grape tree snack! This is such a fun, easy snack to help you reinforce the letter T sound with your kids or students!