Letter Q

For more pics and instructions, see our Letter Q blog post!


Learn what sound the letter Q makes!


Q-Tip Painting

Instead of keeping your kids away from the Q-tips, why not give in this time? Use them to paint! Dip Q-tips in paint and encourage your child to practice writing the letter Q or paint a picture. Just keep them far away from ears!


Quick Sand Letters

For this fun sensory activity, all you need is sand and some letters! Use as much or as little sand as you want, pour it into a container with some letters, and you’re ready to go! We decided to pour our “quicksand” in a dish with foam letters! Kids love playing with the sand, burying the letters, and then digging them back out again. Encourage your little ones to say the letter sounds as they play. This quicksand activity provides a fun and new way to practice the letters and their sounds while targeting the letter Q!

How to Make the Quail from ABC See, Hear, Do

Q is for Quail! Make learning this letter sound extra fun by helping your kids or students create their own adorable quail!



Letter Q Quail

This fun letter craft is a great way to introduce the letter Q to your little ones or students. Practice the letter sound as you make your own adorable quails!


Letter Q Snack Idea: Q-Tip Pretzel Sticks

Q is for q-tip! All you need for this snack idea are pretzels and mini marshmallows. Your kids will love creating their snacks all by themselves, and you’ll love watching them develop their fine motor skills!