Letter O

For more pics and instructions, see our Letter O blog post!


Learn what sound the letter O makes!


Letter Matching Game

Matching games are a simple way for kids to have fun while they reinforce new ideas and concepts.  If you make your own matching cards, you can tailor the game to meet your child’s exact needs! To make your own set, trace circles onto cardstock (we used circles since we are learning about letter O this week). Draw a dot pattern on one side to add a bit of color. Then, on the other side, create matching letter sets, uppercase to lowercase matching, sight words, or really anything you want!  Then cut them out and enjoy playing your new custom-designed game!


Letter O Painting

Practice the letter O while painting? Yes, please! Toilet paper tubes make the perfect “O” shape. Squirt paint on a disposable plate and let your child dip their “O’s” and stamp the paper. As they paint their O’s, practice that short letter O sound!  

How to Make the Octopus from ABC See, Hear, Do

O is for Octopus! Don’t forget to shape your hands into an O and practice saying this fun letter sound with your kids or students!


Letter O Owl

O is for Owl! We love using letter crafts to reinforce letter sounds! Try this one out with your kids or students and send us pictures of your finished projects. We love seeing your work!


Letter O Snack Idea: Oreo-eyed Owl

This Oreo-eyed owl will be a hit with your kids! Learning is always so much fun when you get creative! Your taste buds will agree!