Letter N

For more pics and instructions, see our Letter N blog post!


Learn what sound the letter N makes!


Letter N Necklace Craft

Necklaces are a fun craft to make when learning the letter N. You just need a piece of string and beads. To begin, tie a knot (or a bead) to one end of the string to act as a stopper. Then let your child fill up the necklace with beads.  Once they are done, tie the string off to complete it. Then your child can enjoy wearing their new craft!


Alphabet Noodles

Noodles make a great sensory activity for the letter N. Just boil noodles per the package directions, then strain and cool. In separate ziploc bags, add 2 tablespoons of water and approximately 20 drops of food coloring. Divide the noodles into the bags then squish them until all the color is infused. Finally, dump the noodles into a large container and add letters. Enjoy all the fun your little ones will have exploring and practicing letters!

How to Make the Narwhal from ABC See, Hear, Do

Who doesn’t love a narwhal craft? This narwhal is a perfect way to reinforce the letter N sound. Follow it up with a quick research party to learn more about these fascinating creatures!


Letter N Nighttime

This letter craft is a fun and easy one! Your little ones will love adding stickers to create their own night scene. Don’t forget to share your nighttime N’s with us—we love seeing your creations!


Letter N Snack Idea: Nest Shaped Marshmallow Treat

Try this yummy marshmallow treat to reinforce that letter N sound with your little ones! Mix together marshmallow cream with crisp rice cereal, then form several balls into nest shapes. Finally, add candies to the top to look like little eggs inside your nest.