Letter M

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Learn what sound the letter M makes!

How to Make the Monkey from ABC See, Hear, Do

M is for Monkey! This cute monkey craft is so much fun, and it provides a great opportunity to continue reinforcing the letter M sound!

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Masks Craft

Masks are a fun craft for the letter M. They can be made out of paper plates, construction paper, foil, yarn, pom poms, buttons, paint, markers, and pretty much any available materials! Kids can create monsters, aliens, animals, or anything they can imagine.  We're always surprised with what our kids create!

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Treasure Map Letter Hunt

M is for maps! And what kid doesn't love a good treasure hunt? Time for an alphabet treasure map! This activity can be done indoors or outside, using one room or the whole house! Just create a map on a piece of paper or an old paper bag. Draw a path with corresponding letters. Then hide the real letters on walls, under pillows, or wherever! Don’t forget to include a small prize for the final treasure!

ABC See, Hear, Do Monkey Craft

Make this awesome monkey craft, inspired by the ABC See, Hear, Do book! Then share your amazing creations with us!

Lowercase Letter m Craft

This fun macaroni craft is the perfect way to reinforce the letter m sound while learning about the lowercase letter m!

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Letter M Mouse

M is for Mouse! Animal crafts are a fabulous way to help reinforce letter sounds. This adorable mouse is sure to be a hit with your kids or students!

Letter M Snack Idea: Monkey Sandwich

We are bananas about this adorable monkey snack idea! Say "Mmmmm" as you eat this yummy snack for an easy way to reinforce the letter M sound!


Magnet ABCs

Lowercase letter magnets and a cookie sheet provide lots of fun learning opportunities! Let your little ones practice alphabetizing, spelling, pronouncing letter sounds, matching uppercase to lowercase letters, matching magnets to letter flashcards, and so much more!