Letter J

For more pics and instructions, see our Letter J blog post!

Learn what sound the letter J makes!


Jellyfish Hot-Glue Resist Craft

Try this cool jellyfish craft.  Using a hot glue gun, trace a jellyfish design on cardstock.  Once hardened, let your child color on the design using water colors.  The hot glue will resist the watercolor, creating a nice outline for your child to paint in (or outside!) the lines.  


ABC Puddle Jump

J is for jump!  To try this fun puddle-jumping game by cutting blue “puddles” from construction paper.  Draw your targeted letters on top. Laminate if you prefer extra durability. Then lay your puddles down indoors or out!  Rainboots are optional!


How to make the Jaguar from ABC See, Hear, Do

J is for jaguar! This jaguar is the perfect companion craft to our ABC See, Hear, Do book! Try making it with your kids or students!


Letter J Jellyfish

J is for jellyfish! These letter crafts are the most fun way to help your kids or students learn letter sounds!


Letter J Snack Idea: Jellyfish Sandwich

This simple, but fun jellyfish snack is a great way to reinforce the letter j sound with your little ones! Try it today and let us know how it goes!