Letter E

For more pics and instructions, see our Letter E blog post!


Learn what sound the letter E makes!




Egg Carton Alphabet Fun

Egg cartons and printed letters make an inexpensive way to practice letters and their sounds! First, place letters in an egg carton. You can use a large or small carton, depending on the letters you want your child to work on. Give your child a ball and let them “bounce” it into the egg carton! When the ball lands, they can practice the corresponding letter sound! 


Elephant Jungle

Try this easy elephant craft when learning about the letter E! Begin with gray paint (or mix white and black together to make gray). First, let your child paint their hands, then stamp the paper with their painted hands. When the paint dries, flip the paper upside down and add eyes, a mouth, and a tail to each handprint. Feel free to use green and brown paper scraps to embellish your craft with a jungle tree collage!

How to Make the Elephant from ABC See, Hear, Do

The ABC See, Hear, Do elephant is the cutest! Try making this adorable craft with your kids or students, and don’t forget to practice that “E” sound!


Letter E Egg

E is for Egg! This letter craft is an excellent way to reinforce the letter E sound!


Letter E Snack Idea: Elephant Sandwich

E is for Elephant! This cute snack idea is not only easy and fun to do, but it is sure to fill them right up! Try practicing the letter “E” sound while you make or eat it!