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How to Make the Frog from ABC See, Hear, Do 2

Make this awesome frog craft, inspired by the ABC See, Hear, Do 2 book!


Frog Jump Letter Blends

We found this fun frog letter jump game at the dollar store—it makes the perfect quick and engaging way to practice the /fr/ letter blend and review previously learned blends!  On each frog, we wrote a letter blend in permanent marker. As your child tries to jump each frog into the “pond,” encourage them to say the letter blend, too!


Fruit Painting

Sure, fruit is delicious to eat, but it’s also really fun to paint with! It’s a great crafty way to practice the /fr/ sound!

FR Snack Idea: Apple Frog

This frog craft is the perfect (mostly) healthy treat to get your little ones to eat healthy and practice the /fr/ sound!