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Hungry Crocodile Game

Try this super easy crocodile game to practice letter blends like the /cr/ sound! Using an empty container (green pod dish detergent containers work especially well!), glue eyes and teeth onto the lid. Then cut out cardstock “fish,” and write a different letter blend on each one. Let your child feed this hungry crocodile the fish as you encourage them to say each letter blend sound!  

How to Make the Crab from ABC See, Hear, Do 2

Make this adorable crab craft, inspired by the ABC See, Hear, Do 2 book! Then share your amazing creations with us!


Crayon Rubbings

These crayon rubbings are another great way to incorporate art into letter blend practice. Start by prepping the letter blend rubbings in advance—use a glue gun to write each letter blend on the back of a piece of cardstock. Once the glue dries, give your child a crayon and a piece of paper. Set the letter blend underneath the paper, and have your child “rub” the paper with the crayon.  Watch their amazement as the letter blend starts to “appear!” This is a great way to practice the /cr/ sound!

CR Snack Idea: Watermelon Crab

Watermelon and chocolate chip eyes are all it takes to make this adorable crab snack!  Cut eyes, claws, legs, and a body out of watermelon, and you’ve got a tasty snack for your little one!