Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities

Need simple crafts and activities for Thanksgiving? We’ve got you covered!

Leaf Stomp

Leaf Stomp is a fun indoor activity that encourages lots of moving and letter practice! To prepare, cut leaf shapes out of cardstock and add a targeted letter or letter blend on each. We suggest laminating them for extra durability. Then play lots of letter stomping games! You can call out different letters while your little ones stomp on them and say their sound. You can line the leaves up in a row and have your little ones hop from leaf to leaf saying the letter sounds. Or you’re welcome to come up with your own fun game—please let us know if you do!  

Turkey Handprint

This turkey handprint is the perfect Thanksgiving keepsake to make with your little one!  

Turkey Gratitude Craft

Thanksgiving is a classic time to reflect on what you are grateful for. Encourage your little one to think grateful thoughts with this adorable turkey gratitude craft!  

Turkey Food Craft

We love food crafts! This little turkey is made of a graham cracker, Nutella, candy corn, candy eyeballs, and writing frosting. It makes an easy but delicious treat!    

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Halloween Crafts and Activities

Need simple crafts and activities for Halloween? We’ve got you covered!

Pumpkin Alphabet Match-up

This is a perfect pre-carving pumpkin activity! Write a few letters on your pumpkins. Then write matching letters on small stickers. Encourage your child to match the stickers to the letters on the pumpkin. They can also practice saying each letter name and sound as they find them!

Spider Web Watercolor Art

This spider web art activity is super cool. Adults can easily prep by drawing a spider web with a white crayon on a white piece of paper. Then let your little ones paint the paper with watercolors. As they paint, a spider web will magically appear!  

Spider and Eyeballs Sensory Bin

Halloween is filled with all sorts of creepy things, so why not make a sensory bin filled with googly eyes and spider rings? Throw in some alphabet letters, and you’ve got an easy and fun activity to engage your little ones! Don’t forget to encourage them to say the letter names and sounds as they find them!   

Eyeball Alphabet Trace

This fun alphabet tracing activity uses googly eyes—we couldn’t resist! They’re perfect for Halloween!

Candy Corn Fruit Parfait

This delicious and fun parfait is a scrumptious and (mostly) healthy Halloween snack! Even better, you can put it together in a snap!  

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween crafts and activities!

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Fourth of July Crafts and Activities

Need simple patriotic crafts and activities for the Fourth of July? We’ve got you covered!

Splatter Art Alphabet Stars

These Splatter Art Alphabet Stars are a great way to add even more fun to kid crafting! Using cardstock, cut out as many stars as you want. Then find a place that can get a little messy (outside works great!). Lay the stars on the grass or over newspaper, butcher paper, etc. Then help your child dip their paintbrush in blue or red paint and “splatter” the paint all over the stars! Once all the splattering is complete, let the stars dry. At that point, you can add letters to write words for a cute decorative banner, or you can play games, like hiding them around the yard for little ones to find!  Either way, this will be a fun (and messy!) project you and your child can enjoy together!

Glitter and Glue Fireworks

Fireworks are an iconic part of Fourth of July, but cranky kids who stay up too late are… not so fun. So instead of staying up late to watch them, you and your little ones can make your own!  Using glue, make fireworks shapes one or two at a time. Cover each new glue addition with your choice of colored glitter, making sure to shake off any excess. Repeat until you have filled your paper with bright and colorful glitter fireworks!

Alphabet Parade

The Fourth of July isn’t complete without a parade! Why not make an alphabet parade with siblings, neighbors, cousins, parents, or whoever wants to join in on the fun? All you need are alphabet flags (and candy to throw at the spectators)! To make the flags, grab paper, sticks, and markers.  Start by cutting a piece of paper to the desired size. Add a targeted letter to each side, then let your child decorate their flag. When they’ve finished decorating, tape a stick or skewer to it, and it’s ready to be used for the parade! Don’t forget to encourage everyone to say or shout their letter sounds as they march!  

Painted Handprint Flag

Try this easy but adorable painted handprint flag! All you need are blue and red paint, a piece of paper or cardstock, and a paintbrush. First, paint your child’s hand with blue paint. Once covered, stamp their hand in the upper left corner to represent the stars. Then, using red paint and a paint brush, encourage your child to paint stripes horizontally across the paper. Let dry and  enjoy their patriotic artwork!

American Flag Snack

Try this easy and healthy American Flag snack to celebrate the Fourth of July! First, spread cream cheese over a graham cracker. Next, add blueberries or blackberries in the upper left corner as the “stars.” Finally, let your little one make stripes using cut up strawberries.  Yum!

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Father's Day Crafts

Stumped for Father’s Day ideas? Check out our simple and cute Father’s Day crafts, perfect for little hands to make!

Handprint I Love You Canvas

What better way to show your love for Dad than with a handprint and an “I love you”? This project is super easy! Grab a mini-canvas at your local craft store or dollar store. Paint your child’s hand with a color of their choice. Then stamp the canvas with their hand and let them write “I love you” (don’t forget to wash their hands first!). If they can’t write yet, write the note for them! Such a simple and easy way to show Dad he’s loved!

I Love Dad Paint Resist

Here is another simple Father’s Day craft! Tape a message on a piece of cardstock with painter’s tape. We spelled out “I love Dad,” but feel free to write whatever you’d like! Then let your little one fill the paper with paint! After letting the paint dry, carefully pull off the tape, and you’ve got a personalized message just for Dad!

Framed Photo and Artwork Mat

This simple photo frame takes only a few supplies, but it results in an adorable present for Dad! You’ll need an 8x10” frame, a piece of cardstock, markers, scissors, and a photograph.  Use the photograph as a guide and trace the center cut-out of the cardstock (you can also use a ruler or eyeball it).  Remember to make the cut-out just a hair smaller than the photo, so that the photo will stay in place more securely. Cut out the traced shape.  Then let your little one color, draw, or write on the remaining cardstock (this will become your photo mat). Once it’s complete, tape the photo to the back of the mat, stick it in the frame, and you’ve got an awesome craft Dad will love!

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Mother's Day Crafts

Stumped for Mother’s Day ideas? Check out our simple and cute Mother’s Day crafts, perfect for your little ones to make!

Paper Flowers and Vase

Your child can make a beautiful vase of paper flowers that will outlast any cut flowers! First, give your child a variety of colorful paper. Using scissors, encourage them to cut various shapes and turn them into flowers—the more variety the better! Cut out a vase, add pipe cleaner stems, and glue the entire creation to a blank piece of paper. Voila! A fun craft for your child and beautiful flowers to give away to a loved one!

Fingerprint Stamp Mother’s Day Craft

Here’s a simple but adorable Mother’s Day keepsake card idea! Fold a piece of cardstock in half. Then have your little one press their fingers in various colors of inkpads. Next, your child can stamp their fingerprints onto the front of the card. Finally, using a marker, create flowers, a sun, animals, or anything else you want from the fingerprints! Write “Happy Mother’s Day,” and you’ve got a beautiful keepsake card for a loved one!

Popsicle Stick Frames

These popsicle stick frames are a cinch to make, but will be a hit with those who receive them! Let your child color popsicle sticks using markers, crayons, or even paint. Make sure an adult carefully hot glues the sticks together into a square shape. Cut a picture to size and glue it to the back of the frame. Stick a magnet to the back and you’ve not only got the perfect gift, but also fabulous fridge art!

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Easter & Spring Crafts and Activities

We've got a lot of fun Easter and Spring ideas for you! Try some of these crafts or activities to reinforce the letters and their sounds.

Letter Egg Hunt

These eggs aren’t filled with sugary candy, they’re filled with letters! Your children will enjoy hunting for eggs while also reinforcing letter sounds! After they’ve found all their eggs, encourage them to say the letter sounds as they open each egg. For more advanced learners, add groups of letters to the hunt, so they can create and read the words hidden inside. Enjoy all the fun without the sugar rush!  

Egg Letter Garland

Make these cute egg letters using colorful cardstock and crepe or tissue paper. Cut the cardstock into egg shapes and write a letter outline on each “egg.”  After your child or student crinkles the crepe or tissue paper into small balls, he can glue them to the inside of each outline. Let dry, and then hang them up for a colorful Spring or Easter display!

Alphabet Carrot Bunny Hunt

Try this easy and engaging activity to practice letter sounds! First, show your child or student how to make their own “bunny” with white pipe cleaners, two white pom poms, and a small pink pom pom for the nose. Help her hot glue the pieces together. Then hide orange and green paper carrots all around your house or classroom. Your child’s little "bunny" can hop to collect the alphabet carrots! Remember to encourage her to say the letter sounds as she finds the carrots!  

Alphabet-Eating Bird

To make this easy alphabet-eating bird, cover a cylinder-shaped canister with blue paper, glue a circle on the lid of the container for the face, and then add wings, a beak, and feet. Cut a hole in the lid to act as a mouth for letter-gobbling! Encourage your child to say the letter sounds as he feeds this hungry bird!

Baby Bird Craft

Make this adorable baby bird craft using a paper bag, plastic eggs, orange and blue paper, and a marker. First, crinkle the paper bag into a nest shape. Then transform the plastic eggs into baby birds by cutting a beak out of orange paper and gluing blue paper wings to the sides. Add two eyes and voila! Your baby bird craft is complete (and adorable!).  

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