Nine Ideas for Using the CVC Flashcards

The ABC See, Hear, Do Flashcards are a great supplement to ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words. They allow children to mix up the order of the words and practice reading them. We recommend laminating the cards, punching a hole in the corners, and attaching them to a key ring.


Here are some ideas for how to use the CVC Flashcards:

 Word Match: Match the flashcards with the book. Open to a page in the book and have your child find the matching word from the flashcards.

Themes: If you are studying a certain theme, find the word cards that go along with that theme and practice reading and writing those words. Some examples include animals, farm words, adjectives, verbs, and nouns.

 Pick a Card/Spell a Word: Have your child pick one of the flashcards from the pile. Using magnetic letters, foam letters, letter cookies, or letter stickers, have your child spell out that word.

Whiteboard/Chalkboard: Let your child practice writing the words from the flashcards onto a whiteboard or chalkboard. Or go outside and write the words with sidewalk chalk!

Beat the Clock: Set a timer and see how many words your child can read from the stack of flashcards in one minute. Increase or decrease the time for more fun!


Card Game: Divide the flashcards into two piles. Each player must flip the top card on the pile. Both players try to be the first to slap a card. Whoever slaps a card must read that word. If they read it correctly, they get to keep both cards. If not, each player then takes their own card back and places it at the bottom of their pile. The person with the most cards at the end wins.

Hide & Seek: Ask your child to leave the room. Hide the flashcards around the room. Then tell your child to find them. Each time he finds a card, he has to read the word the card indicates!

Baseball: Tape flashcards on the wall, and tell your child to throw a softball or crumpled piece of paper at the wall. When she hits a flashcard, she must read the word on the card.


Slap: Lay out flashcards on the floor and tell your child to put his hands behind his back. When you say a word, your child has to slap the corresponding flashcard. If he slaps the right card, he gets to keep it. If not, it stays put. Once he has collected all the flashcards, he wins!

The ABC See, Hear, Do CVC Flashcards are available at:


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Do you have other ideas for using the ABC See, Hear, Do CVC Flashcards? We’d love to hear them! Please comment below or tag us on Instagram/Facebook and tell us all about them!

Introducing...ABC See, Hear, Do Enrichment Pages!

ABC See, Hear, Do Enrichment Pages are now available in our printables store! I’m super excited about these – here’s why!

Each enrichment page is dedicated to one letter of the alphabet. And they’re color-coordinated! The backgrounds of each page are clustered in the same letter groupings as in ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words, making it easy to sort the pages. Or if you’d prefer to keep them in alphabetical order, that’s fine, too!

Speaking of sorting, I recommend storing the enrichment pages in a folder or binder with sheet protectors for each page. We all know what spills and little hands can do!


Each enrichment page includes:

Picture Book Suggestions: 7 fiction texts and 3 nonfiction texts related to the featured letter. We’ve looked long and hard to find books that are not only readily available at libraries and on Amazon, but are also of the highest quality around! Use these books to reinforce letter learning and build your own picture book library!

Snack Ideas: general snack ideas for each letter, as well as a creative snack idea.

Craft Ideas: simple and fun crafts that are easy on the budget and young crafters.

IMG_1826 copy.jpg
IMG_1832 copy.jpg

Songs/Rhymes: two catchy songs/rhymes to reinforce letter learning! Beware: they may get stuck in your head.

Games/Activities: two games/activities per letter to get your kids moving while they learn.

IMG_1815 copy.jpg

Once you’ve downloaded your pages, the options are endless! Pick and choose which activities and what pace works best for you. Perhaps you’ll use multiple elements on the page for a Storytime or a preschool day. Maybe you’ll focus on one letter per week and do an activity every day. Do what works for you.

The best thing about the enrichment pages is that they make planning a cinch! Yes, you could google and search Pinterest for hours on end to find similar ideas, but why? We’ve already got you covered! Go spend your time doing something fun!

Long story short: Let us do the work, so you can focus on what matters most: your kids. And mom time. J

Check out the Enrichment Pages and let us know what you think!




7 Ideas for Using ABC See, Hear, Do Giant Flashcards

The ABC See, Hear, Do Giant Flashcards are the letter/animal/action pages from the book ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words in printable form. They are 8.5x11 and include all 26 letters.

Giant flashcards copy.jpg

We suggest printing the flashcards and then laminating them for durability.

These flashcards are not only great in group settings, such as preschools or storytimes, but they are also useful at home. It can be hard to hold the books open with one hand while demonstrating the actions with the other. Yet it’s easy to lean the giant flashcards against your body in order to use both hands to demonstrate the actions.

But wait! That’s not all!

Here are 7 more ideas for using our giant flashcards:

Use them as regular flashcards:

IMG_8873 2.JPG

Hold up a flashcard, say the letter name and sound, and do the action. Feel free to work on a couple letter sounds a day, or focus on just one letter per week. As you go, review all the actions and sounds your child has already learned. This helps reinforce the letter sounds, and it’s fun!

Bean Bag Toss:

Bean bag copy.jpg

Lay out 4-8 flashcards. Have a child stand a few feet away and toss a bean bag onto one of the flashcards. For whichever letter the bean bag lands on, the child must make the corresponding sound and action.

Toy Match:

toy match copy.jpg

Gather toys that start with the letters you are currently working on. Lay out 4-8 letters at a time. Encourage your child to pick a toy out of a bag and match its beginning letter sound to the corresponding flashcard.

Freeze Walk:

Place the flashcards on the floor in a large circle. Tell the children to walk from card to card while you play music. When the music stops, the children must stop. For whichever flashcard they are standing on, they must give the sound and do the action.

4 Corners:

4 corners copy.jpg

Tape 4-8 flashcards on the wall around the room. Close your eyes and ask the children to stand by one of the flashcards. With your eyes shut, say the letter sound and do the action of one of the cards. Whichever children are standing by that card are out and must sit down. The remaining children move to a new spot. Continue until just one child is left.

Stuffed Animals:

Give each child a stuffed animal. Encourage them to “teach” the stuffed animal how to do the action for each letter by first showing their stuffed animal how to do it, and then making the stuffed animal do the action while the child says the sound.

Musical Chairs:

musical chairs copy.jpg

Tape the flashcards to the backs of chairs. Place the chairs in a tight circle, facing out. Turn on music and tell the children to walk in a circle around the chairs. When you turn the music off, each child must sit in a chair, look at the flashcard on the back of their chair, and say the sound/do the corresponding action for the letter. Turn the music back on and repeat for a few rounds.

The ABC See, Hear, Do Giant Flashcards are available at:


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Do you have other ideas for using the ABC See, Hear, Do Giant Flashcards? We’d love to hear them! Please comment below or tag us on Instagram/Facebook and tell us all about them!