Letter Blend /gr/ Crafts and Activities

We've got a lot of fun letter blend ideas for the /gr/ blend! Try some of these crafts or activities to reinforce the /gr/ sound.

Lite Brite Blends

Remember Lite Brites? Thankfully, these nostalgic toys are making their way back to the toy aisle!  In addition to all the fun shapes and scenes your kids can make, encourage your kiddos to make letter blends, like the letter blend /gr/! Then find a dark space and see your blend glow!

ABC See, Hear, Do 2 Grizzly Bear Craft

Make this adorable grizzly bear craft, inspired by the ABC See, Hear, Do 2 book! Then share your amazing creations with us!  

Green Collage

/Gr/ is for green! To make this nature-inspired green collage, take your child on a nature walk to find all things green! Once you’ve collected a good variety, let your child glue their findings to a piece of paper. We used green to keep with our green theme!  

Grizzly Bear Food Craft

Try this adorable grizzly bear as a snack for your little one!  Spread Nutella on a slice of bread or toast, add raisin eyes and banana ears, and your bear will be ready to eat!  

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