Halloween Crafts and Activities

Need simple crafts and activities for Halloween? We’ve got you covered!

Witch Hat Alphabet Match-up

This is a perfect way to incorporate ending letter sounds while adding Halloween fun! Draw some faces on a piece of paper with letter sounds underneath each one. Then write matching letters on small stickers, like these fun witch hats. Encourage your child to match the hat stickers to the faces/ending sounds on the paper. They can also practice saying each ending sound as they find them! 

Halloween Sensory Bin

Halloween is filled with all sorts of creepy things, so why not make a sensory bin filled with water beads, plastic bugs/worms, and spider rings? Throw in some alphabet letters, and you’ve got an easy and fun activity to engage your little ones! Don’t forget to encourage them to say the letter names and sounds as they find them!

Spider Web Snack

This is a delicious and fun Halloween snack! Plus, your little ones will enjoy building their own string cheese web before adding their olive spiders!

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween crafts and activities! For even more Halloween ideas, check out our link here.

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