Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities

Need simple crafts and activities for Thanksgiving? We’ve got you covered!

Leaf Stomp

Leaf Stomp is a fun indoor activity that encourages lots of moving and letter practice! To prepare, cut leaf shapes out of cardstock and add a targeted letter or letter blend on each. We suggest laminating them for extra durability. Then play lots of letter stomping games! You can call out different letters while your little ones stomp on them and say their sound. You can line the leaves up in a row and have your little ones hop from leaf to leaf saying the letter sounds. Or you’re welcome to come up with your own fun game—please let us know if you do!  

Turkey Handprint

This turkey handprint is the perfect Thanksgiving keepsake to make with your little one!  

Turkey Gratitude Craft

Thanksgiving is a classic time to reflect on what you are grateful for. Encourage your little one to think grateful thoughts with this adorable turkey gratitude craft!  

Turkey Food Craft

We love food crafts! This little turkey is made of a graham cracker, Nutella, candy corn, candy eyeballs, and writing frosting. It makes an easy but delicious treat!    

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