Mother's Day Crafts and Activities

Looking for simple crafts and activities for Mother’s Day? We’ve got you covered!

ABC Stamps

Alphabet stamps make such a fun and educational way to practice letters and sounds. Plus, your little ones can write their own personal messages to the mothers in their lives!  

Flower Craft

These flowers make a cute and creative gift for a loved one. Start by cutting a flower shape from cardstock. Then let your little ones decorate! We used bingo dabbers, but markers, crayons, paint, or pretty much anything would work! When dry, feel free to add a photo in the center for a more personal touch!

Mother’s Day Portraits

An easy but lovely gift is always a Mother’s Day portrait, courtesy of your little one! Use markers and crayons and encourage your child to draw Mom or another of their favorite ladies. Add a frame for a classy touch, and you’ve got a beautiful and treasured keepsake!

MOM Painted Cutout

This Mother’s Day activity is simple but fun! We cut the letters “MOM” from cardstock, but feel free to cut any word you see fit. Then let your little ones fill the paper with paint! Once the paint it dry, it will be another great gift for Mom or a special loved one!   

Button Flower Craft

Colorful buttons and some glue can be transformed into a beautiful flower - perfect for a lovely Mother’s Day card!  

We hope you enjoyed our Mother’s Day Crafts!  

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Mother's Day Crafts

Stumped for Mother’s Day ideas? Check out our simple and cute Mother’s Day crafts, perfect for your little ones to make!

Paper Flowers and Vase

Your child can make a beautiful vase of paper flowers that will outlast any cut flowers! First, give your child a variety of colorful paper. Using scissors, encourage them to cut various shapes and turn them into flowers—the more variety the better! Cut out a vase, add pipe cleaner stems, and glue the entire creation to a blank piece of paper. Voila! A fun craft for your child and beautiful flowers to give away to a loved one!

Fingerprint Stamp Mother’s Day Craft

Here’s a simple but adorable Mother’s Day keepsake card idea! Fold a piece of cardstock in half. Then have your little one press their fingers in various colors of inkpads. Next, your child can stamp their fingerprints onto the front of the card. Finally, using a marker, create flowers, a sun, animals, or anything else you want from the fingerprints! Write “Happy Mother’s Day,” and you’ve got a beautiful keepsake card for a loved one!

Popsicle Stick Frames

These popsicle stick frames are a cinch to make, but will be a hit with those who receive them! Let your child color popsicle sticks using markers, crayons, or even paint. Make sure an adult carefully hot glues the sticks together into a square shape. Cut a picture to size and glue it to the back of the frame. Stick a magnet to the back and you’ve not only got the perfect gift, but also fabulous fridge art!

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