Father's Day Crafts & Activities

Looking for simple crafts and activities for Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered!

Magazine Letter Notes

Magazines provide endless opportunities for letter practice and fun! Let your little ones create a message for Dad using magazine letters. This encourages all sorts of great learning skills, including letter recognition and letter sounds, and can be adapted to a wide range of learners!

Father’s Day Portraits

An easy but thoughtful gift is always a Father’s Day portrait, courtesy of your little one! Use markers and crayons and encourage your child to draw Dad or another important father figure. Add a frame for a classy touch, and you’ve got a beautiful and treasured keepsake!

Miscellaneous Parts Frame

This adorable frame is easy to personalize and makes a great gift for those handymen in your child’s life! We scoured the dollar store for a cheap tape measure, and then we raided our tool box for miscellaneous nails, screws, nuts, and washers. Then we used hot glue to glue down all the pieces. Add a photo, and you’ve got yourself a great personalized gift!  

DAD Painted Cutout

This Father’s Day activity is simple but fun! We cut the letters “DAD” from cardstock (but feel free to use any word you see fit). Then let your little ones fill the paper with paint! Once the paint dries, it will be another great gift for Dad or a special loved one!   

Mini Hamburger & Fries Treat

This adorable “hamburger and fries” are the perfect way to “treat” Dad this Father’s Day!  Little ones will love to help build this burger, made with vanilla wafer buns, a peppermint patty burger, red and yellow-dyed icing (for the ketchup and mustard), and green-colored coconut shreds for the lettuce. Add mini fry chips (or yellow veggie straws will do), and you’ve got a delicious and adorable treat to share.

We hope you enjoyed our Father’s Day Crafts!  

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Father's Day Crafts

Stumped for Father’s Day ideas? Check out our simple and cute Father’s Day crafts, perfect for little hands to make!

Handprint I Love You Canvas

What better way to show your love for Dad than with a handprint and an “I love you”? This project is super easy! Grab a mini-canvas at your local craft store or dollar store. Paint your child’s hand with a color of their choice. Then stamp the canvas with their hand and let them write “I love you” (don’t forget to wash their hands first!). If they can’t write yet, write the note for them! Such a simple and easy way to show Dad he’s loved!

I Love Dad Paint Resist

Here is another simple Father’s Day craft! Tape a message on a piece of cardstock with painter’s tape. We spelled out “I love Dad,” but feel free to write whatever you’d like! Then let your little one fill the paper with paint! After letting the paint dry, carefully pull off the tape, and you’ve got a personalized message just for Dad!

Framed Photo and Artwork Mat

This simple photo frame takes only a few supplies, but it results in an adorable present for Dad! You’ll need an 8x10” frame, a piece of cardstock, markers, scissors, and a photograph.  Use the photograph as a guide and trace the center cut-out of the cardstock (you can also use a ruler or eyeball it).  Remember to make the cut-out just a hair smaller than the photo, so that the photo will stay in place more securely. Cut out the traced shape.  Then let your little one color, draw, or write on the remaining cardstock (this will become your photo mat). Once it’s complete, tape the photo to the back of the mat, stick it in the frame, and you’ve got an awesome craft Dad will love!

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