Write the Missing Letter Free Printable

Freebie time!! I’m excited to share this free printable with all of you!


Your child can follow the ABC path and fill in the missing letters. This activity helps you assess whether your child knows the alphabet in order, can recognize which letters are missing, and has mastered letter formation. The cute ABC animals act as hints to help your child remember which letters come next! 

You can download it for free here.  And if you love this resource, please post about it!

ABC See, Hear, Do Foam Letters – Free Printable!

ABC See, Hear, Do Foam Letters are an easy way for your child to practice spelling and reading words. Best of all, they’re free! You can download them HERE. The foam letters act like mini flashcards and are great for kids to manipulate. Here’s what you do:

1.     Print out the pages. Print multiple pages if you want more of each letter.


2.     Place the page of letters onto sticky foam (this can be purchased HERE or at a craft store).

3.     Cut out the letters.


4.     Done! Now you are ready to use them!


Ideas for using ABC See, Hear, Do Foam Letters

There are endless ideas for using foam letters, and we know you’ll come up with great ones, too, so here are a few just to get you started.

1.     Spell words out.

2.     Put random letters together to practice sounding out “funny” words.

3.     Spread out a bunch of toys or objects and match the foam letter to the sound the toy starts with.

4.     Play memory!

5.     Spread the letters out on a hard surface and have your child slap the letter when you make its sound.

Look for more ideas about how to use these foam letters in upcoming Instagram posts!

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