What do I do AFTER ABC See, Hear, Do?

I’ve had a few people ask me what they should do once they’ve finished all the ABC See, Hear, Do books. What comes next? While you wait for our next book to come out—wink wink—(because there’s always another one coming!), go ahead and try some of these activities to continue your child’s reading progress.


1.     Read! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s obvious. But the best thing you can do is read, read, read. Read to your child every day.


2.     Spot Read – When you read with your child and come across a word you know they can read, pause and encourage them to read the word.

3.     Take Turns – Another fun thing to do is take turns reading. You can take turns reading pages, sentences, or even words.

4.     Encourage your child to Sound Things Out. When you’re driving or grocery shopping or waiting at a doctor’s appointment, encourage them to find a word and sound it out. Then let them find a word for you to read.

5.     Encourage them to Read On Their Own. Check out our lists of good beginning readers here and here.


6.     Keep Reading Time Stress-free and as simple as possible. If they are fighting you and refusing to do a reading activity, don’t push them. Reading will come with time, but if you force it, your child might end up correlating reading with something they hate doing.

7.     Go to the library often and Let Them Choose which books they want to read. Research shows that it doesn’t matter what kids read as long as they are reading. Even if you think a book is stupid, it’s okay. However, if you insist that your children read better literature, these are great books to read to them.

8.     Listen To Audio Books. Audio books are a great way to help children develop their listening and comprehension skills.


9.     Go to your local bookstore and Buy Books! Research shows that homes with more books tend to house children that perform better in all areas of school. That and I’m always one for supporting independent bookstores!

10. Keep Practicing the words in the ABC See, Hear, Do books or try using the ABC See, Hear, Do flashcards! We have lots of ideas for flashcards here, here, and here.


Good luck! We’d love to hear what other activities you do to help your children on their personal learn-to-read journey!