Letter i Crafts and Activities

We've got a lot of fun lowercase letter i ideas for you! Try some of these crafts or activities to reinforce the letter i  sound.

Lowercase Letter Craft

This adorable insect craft is the perfect way to reinforce the letter i sound while learning about the lowercase letter i!


ABC See, Hear, Do Iguana Craft

Make this awesome iguana craft, inspired by the ABC See, Hear, Do book! Then share your amazing creations with us!  

Ice Cream Alphabet Match

This ice cream alphabet match is a fun way to practice matching lowercase letters with beginning sounds! To make this game, cut cones out of construction paper. Then, cut out “ice cream scoops” in various colors. Next, cut out the lowercase letters you plan to practice and glue one to each cone. Then glue a picture to each “scoop” (we cut ours from old magazines) of something that starts with each lowercase letter sound. Mix up the cones and the “scoops,” and let your little ones match the correct cone (lowercase letter) to its “scoop.”

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