Letter s Crafts and Activities

We've got a lot of fun lowercase letter s ideas for you! Try some of these crafts or activities to reinforce the letter s sound.

Lowercase Letter Craft

This sneaky snake craft is the perfect way to reinforce the letter s sound while learning about the lowercase letter s! Stay tuned this week for more fun activities to help your children or students reinforce that letter s sound!


ABC See, Hear, Do Salamander Craft

Make this awesome salamander craft, inspired by the ABC See, Hear, Do book! Then share your amazing creations with us!  

Sensory Jars

Sensory jars are a simple and engaging way to keep little ones busy and learning. Even better, they can be customized to fit the needs of your learners! One way to create a sensory jar is to place various objects in an empty jar or bottle and then add rice. As the child turns the jar to find objects, see if they can guess the letter that object starts with! Another idea is to fill the jar with alphabet letters in the rice to see how many letter names or sounds your little ones can find and say!

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