ABC Letter Assessment

If there’s one thing preschool and kindergarten teachers are expected to do well, it’s assess what their students know. Why? Because parents want to know how their children are progressing.

Drum roll, please…we’ve got a new, FREE printable that makes knowledge assessment a cinch for both teachers and parents!

                                                              (Click image to download ABC See, Hear, Do Letter Assessment for free!)

                                                              (Click image to download ABC See, Hear, Do Letter Assessment for free!)

Here’s how it works. Point to each letter and ask your child to name the letter and the sounds that letter makes. If he can, check off the corresponding box. If he can’t, leave the box blank. Voila! Now you know which letters to focus on.

IMG_1803 copy.jpg

When your child knows all the letter names and sounds, she will be well-prepared to start reading (and start kindergarten!)

This is also a fabulous and effective teacher tool for measuring benchmarks. Check what each child knows at the start of school, half-way through the year and by spring. By so doing, you can track and show student growth throughout the year.

You can also tape this in the inside cover of ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words and check off the letters as your child learns them. My kids love basking in how much they know and marking their progress.

And did we mention it’s FREE?

To download your free ABC Letter Assessment, click here! Enjoy!