Letter F Crafts and Activities

We've got a lot of fun letter F  ideas for you! Try some of these crafts or activities to reinforce the  letter F sound.

Fishing for Letters

Fishing for letters is an easy and engaging game to encourage letter sound practice. Tie a piece of string to a stick or spoon to make a fishing rod, and hot glue a magnet to the end of the string. Then cut out paper fish and attach magnetic letters (or just write letters on the paper fish and attach a paper clip to each). Now it’s time to let your child “fish” for letters! Each time they catch a fish/letter, ask them to name the sound associated with the letter. This is a great way to both practice the letter “F” and review previously-learned letters!

Letter F Fireman

F is for fireman! Make this creative craft with your kids or students as you learn all about the letter F.


ABC See, Hear, Do Flamingo Craft

Create the adorable flamingo from ABC See, Hear, Do! It’s a great way to reinforce the letter F sound while having creative fun with your kids or students!

Letter F Farm Craft

F is for farm! These simple farm animal crafts might get your kids mooing and neighing, but they will also help to reinforce the letter F sound! Draw and color a variety of farm animals on cardstock, cut them out, and glue on clothespins so they stand. Now it’s playtime!

Letter F Snack

Fruit + Faces = FUN (with a capital F)! Create fruit faces on a plate—the sillier, the better! While you and your kids giggle your way through this snack, don’t forget to reinforce that letter F sound!  

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