Easter Crafts and Activities

Looking for simple crafts and activities for Easter? We’ve got you covered!

Alphabet Egg Puzzle Match

This alphabet egg puzzle is a fun way to practice matching lowercase to uppercase letters! To make the puzzle, cut egg shapes out of colorful cardstock. Then cut each egg in half with a fun pattern and write the lowercase letter on the top half with the uppercase letter on the bottom. To make the game more challenging, try using all the same color paper (so your little ones can’t match by color!). As always, feel free to adapt, based on the needs of your learners!

Thumbprint Chicks

These thumbprint chicks are a cinch to create and make the perfect Easter card!  Dip your little one’s thumb into yellow paint and then stamp the paper. Use an orange marker for the beaks and feet and a black marker for the eye.  Feel free to encourage your child to add grass, a message, or any other creative touches!

Play dough Surprise Eggs

For an Easter egg twist, open plastic eggs and hide a letter inside (or a word for older kids!).  Then cover with play dough and let your little ones open their surprises! When they open them, challenge them to say the letter or sound!  

Easter Egg Letter Dyes

Dying Easter eggs is often a fun way to celebrate the Easter holiday. You can make this activity a bit more educational by using a white crayon to write on the eggs before your little ones dye them. Write their name to practice name recognition, letters, sight words, or any other things you want to focus on! Your little ones will love dying the eggs and seeing the words appear, and you’ve also snuck in some learning! Hooray!

We hope you enjoyed our Easter crafts and activities!

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