Valentines Crafts and Activities

Need simple crafts and activities for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered!

Hide-and-Seek Hearts

Hide-and-Seek Hearts is super simple, but such a fun game for your kiddos to play. Cut out hearts (we went super easy with foam hearts, but any hearts will do!) and write a letter on each one. Then hide the hearts around your home or school for your kids to find! As they find each one, encourage them to say the letter sound or name. And make sure to have fun!

Confetti Heart Card

This confetti heart card will be a hit with your little one! It may require adult help to assemble, but the result is mesmerizing! Start by cutting a heart shape out of a piece of cardstock. Then cut a slightly larger heart out of both another piece of cardstock (we used pink) and a laminating sheet. Tape the laminating sheet over the original heart cutout, followed by the pink cardstock heart. When taping to the pink heart, leave a space at the top. Pour glitter in between the laminating sheet and pink cardstock. Finally, finish taping the top of the heart to make sure the glitter can’t escape, and voila! A fun, snow-globe effect of glitter in a heart-shape, making it the perfect Valentines card for your little ones to give out or keep for themselves!

I Love You Thumbprint Craft

This thumbprint craft can be completed in just a few minutes, but it may become artwork you will cherish for years to come! We used a mini-canvas with a magnet attached, so it could easily be displayed on the fridge. But feel free to use cardstock, watercolor paper, or whatever you have accessible! Dab paint on your little one’s thumb and help them make a heart shape with two thumb-stamps. After they wash their hands, give them a marker to write a message like “I love you.” Hang the final product on the fridge or give as a gift to someone you love!  

ABC Heart Letter Match

No prep time? No problem! We love this ABC Heart Letter Match. We wrote uppercase letters on sticker hearts we found in the Target dollar section, and then we wrote matching lowercase letters on a piece of paper. Give the paper and stickers to your little ones so they can match the letters. This doubles as a great fine motor activity!  

Sugar Cookie Hearts

Let’s be honest—sugar cookies are perfect for any holiday. Letting the kids decorate their own cookies adds extra fun and excitement— plus, it helps to keep those little hands busy!   

We hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day crafts and activities!

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