Letter D Crafts and Activities

We've got a lot of fun letter D ideas for you! Try some of these crafts or activities to reinforce the  letter D sound.

Alphabet Dirt

D is for dirt! If you can handle a little mess, try an alphabet dirt sensory bin! A bag of potting soil and some alphabet letters make this an easy activity to put together. Mix everything in a bin or container and let your child dig for letters!

Letter D Dalmatian

D is for Dalmatian! This letter craft is an easy way to reinforce this letter sound with your kids or students. All you need are paper, scissors, and glue for the body, and a marker to draw your very own dalmatian’s adorable face.


ABC See Hear Do Dog Craft

We love our ABC See, Hear, Do Crafts, and this one is no exception! This dog craft is easy to do, and your kids or students will be so proud of themselves! Don’t forget to share their creations with us! We love seeing all your creativity and hard work!

Letter D Dandelion Craft

D is for dandelions! Make these colorful dandelions to reinforce the letter D. Draw an outline of a dandelion, then squirt paint on a paper plate. Encourage your child to use their fingertips to paint the flower, and enjoy their beautiful creations!

Letter D Dirt Snack

Who doesn’t love eating dirt?! This delicious snack is sure to put a smile on your children’s faces. Don’t forget to add the worm!

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