Letter B Crafts and Activities

We've got a lot of fun letter B ideas for you! Try some of these crafts or activities to reinforce the  letter B sound.

Alphabet Bug Swat

Alphabet bugs are another simple and fun way to practice the letters and their sounds. To make the paper “bugs,” either draw your own or trace clip art bugs.  Add a letter to each of your bugs and hang them up on the wall. Then give your child a fly swatter and tell her to get those bugs! As she swats them, encourage her to say the sound associated with each letter.

Letter B Bee

Check out this week’s adorable letter B craft! This bee is sure to make your kids smile and have fun while learning letter sounds!


ABC See Hear Do Bear Craft

B is for Bear! This ABC See, Hear, Do bear is a great way to reinforce the letter B sound while getting creative with your kids!

Letter B Binoculars Craft

Make these easy binoculars while learning the letter B. Cover two toilet paper rolls with construction paper and glue them together. Then let your child decorate the rolls with markers or stickers. Add a string, and your binoculars are complete! With his new binoculars, your child can go on alphabet hunts! Search for letters or things that start with the letter B!

Letter B Butterfly Snack

B is for butterfly! This simple, healthy snack idea is not only beautiful, it’s super yummy!

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