Fourth of July Crafts & Activities

Looking for simple crafts and activities for Fourth of July? We’ve got you covered!

Glow Stick Alphabet Letters

Glow sticks are a simple and fun way to practice letters! Give your child some glow sticks, find a dark room, and see how many letters she can build! For added practice, see how many letter sounds they can make!

Pool Noodle Letters

Pool noodles are really versatile and can be used for so much more than swimming! We used festive red and blue pool noodles and cut them into short cylinders, thanks to a serrated knife. Then, using a Sharpie, we wrote letters on the sides of each cylinder. A shovel and bucket later, and your child can scoop letters, saying the letter name or sound as they scoop. More advanced readers can pair pieces together to build words!

Paper Plate Letter Fun

Paper plates are another versatile and simple letter activity! We found red, silver, and blue star paper plates, perfect for 4th of July fun! Add a letter to each plate, and then give your little ones a pile of foam letters (or stickers or really anything in a letter shape), and let them sort the letters onto the plates. This can be a great targeted activity to work on specific letters or sounds! You can also use this activity to work on alphabetizing, spelling words, and more! 

Fireworks Marble Art

White paper, red and blue paint, and marbles make this fun and simple art project perfect for the 4th of July! To make this craft, use a foil pan or box and add a piece of paper to the bottom. Squeeze a small amount (just a few drops, really) of red and blue paint in the center. Add marbles and encourage your child to gently shake the box to get the marbles rolling! Then enjoy the fun as the marbles create “fireworks” all over the paper!

We hope you enjoyed our Fourth of July activities!

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