Easter & Spring Crafts and Activities

We've got a lot of fun Easter and Spring ideas for you! Try some of these crafts or activities to reinforce the letters and their sounds.

Letter Egg Hunt

These eggs aren’t filled with sugary candy, they’re filled with letters! Your children will enjoy hunting for eggs while also reinforcing letter sounds! After they’ve found all their eggs, encourage them to say the letter sounds as they open each egg. For more advanced learners, add groups of letters to the hunt, so they can create and read the words hidden inside. Enjoy all the fun without the sugar rush!  

Egg Letter Garland

Make these cute egg letters using colorful cardstock and crepe or tissue paper. Cut the cardstock into egg shapes and write a letter outline on each “egg.”  After your child or student crinkles the crepe or tissue paper into small balls, he can glue them to the inside of each outline. Let dry, and then hang them up for a colorful Spring or Easter display!

Alphabet Carrot Bunny Hunt

Try this easy and engaging activity to practice letter sounds! First, show your child or student how to make their own “bunny” with white pipe cleaners, two white pom poms, and a small pink pom pom for the nose. Help her hot glue the pieces together. Then hide orange and green paper carrots all around your house or classroom. Your child’s little "bunny" can hop to collect the alphabet carrots! Remember to encourage her to say the letter sounds as she finds the carrots!  

Alphabet-Eating Bird

To make this easy alphabet-eating bird, cover a cylinder-shaped canister with blue paper, glue a circle on the lid of the container for the face, and then add wings, a beak, and feet. Cut a hole in the lid to act as a mouth for letter-gobbling! Encourage your child to say the letter sounds as he feeds this hungry bird!

Baby Bird Craft

Make this adorable baby bird craft using a paper bag, plastic eggs, orange and blue paper, and a marker. First, crinkle the paper bag into a nest shape. Then transform the plastic eggs into baby birds by cutting a beak out of orange paper and gluing blue paper wings to the sides. Add two eyes and voila! Your baby bird craft is complete (and adorable!).  

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